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We Prepare Your Children For Life! Helping Children Become All They Can Become Since 1991

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As your child's next educator and caretaker, we pride ourselves on allowing your child to discover themselves on their own with constant direction and real life principles. If you want your child to maximize his or her potential at the earliest juncture, the Montessori Pre-School Academy is the right fit for you!

A teaching system that promotes freedom and individuality

The Montessori method of teaching consists of an approach that is centered on your child's interests, capabilities, and individualism within the classroom setting. Where traditional methods of teaching don't entirely allow your child to fully express themselves, the Montessori structure benefits your child in a way that he or she is granted a prominent voice, an active and creative mind, and instruction as to how to conceptualize ways of thinking.


Your child will not only become a pro-active and engaging individual with Montessori teaching, he or she will also rise above and beyond normalcy. The Montessori method is perfect for your child, a child that deserves the right to constant attention, top-notch resources, and every day applications to life skills.

• Teacher has unobtrusive role in classroom activity; child is an active participant in learning

• Instruction, both individual and group, adapts to each student's learning style

• Mixed age grouping

• Children are encouraged to teach, collaborate and help each other

• Child chooses work from interests and abilities

• Child learns how to care for self and environment by polishing shoes, cleaning the sink, etc.

Enroll your child and watch them grow before your proud eyes.

At our school, your child will gain vast knowledge that will kick-start their maturation process. Our Montessori method entails a child-driven classroom which gives your child more responsibilities and opportunities.

Highlighting your child's Montessori education

We want you to join our tradition of achievement

Let your child spread his or her wings and get to the highest peak of knowledge!

Our Montessori promise

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